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Picture of Hood Lamp Kit
Hood Lamp Kits

Our Hood Lamps come complete with the housing, socket, bulb and wire. Hood Lamps were factory installed as standard equipment on some models and were optional for others. They were also offered as a dealer installed option back in the day. The light is mercury activated, so just open the hood, and've got light. Easily installed, simply attach the light to the underside of the hood and run the lead wire to your horn relay for power.

Picture of Trunk Lamp Assembly
Trunk Lamp Assembly

The Trunk Lamp Assembly mounts to the trunk/deck lid and features an internal mercury activated switch that turns the light on and off as the trunk/deck lid opens and closes. The Trunk Lamp is easily installed as the mounting hole is typically already there. You can find an illustration of the mounting location in the factory Assembly Manual. Includes the extension harness.

Picture of Under Dash Courtesy Lamps
Under Dash Courtesy Lamps and Courtesy Lamp Harnesses

We reproduce a wide variety of Under Dash Courtesy Lamps, as well as Courtesy Lamp Harnesses for overhead dome and sail panel lights. Under dash lighting was a rare option for most 60's and 70's Muscle Cars. The lighting is easily installed as the mounting holes are typically already there. Some cars use separate mounting brackets, so please review our fitment catalog and product images prior to ordering.

Picture of Glove Box Lamp Kit
Glove Box Lamp Kits

Glove Box Lamps were standard equipment for some models, and optional for others. Our kits are exact reproductions of the originals. Super easy to install as there is already a hole for the socket in your glove box. Simply push the socket into the pre-existing hole in the glove box and run the lead wire to the fuse box. You'll now be able to find your gloves on those cold, dark nights.

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