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Date Coded Chrysler Coils

Picture of Date Coded Chrysler Coil
Chrysler Coils may be purchased directly from us or through Year One Inc.

These quality Mopar licensed, American made coils are faithful reproductions of the factory installed ignition coils found on 1966 thru 1971 Chrysler cars. Built using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, these coils will give years of trouble-free service while maintaining the original look of your vehicle.

Please READ THIS before ordering Date Coded Coils

Our Date Coded Chrysler Coils are correct for many 1966 to 1971 Chrysler cars. It is important to note that there were originally two distinct types of coils utilized in these vehicles, each manufactured by a different company. The coil we have reproduced is known by restorers as the “Long Skinny Type” and was manufactured by Essex. The Essex coil features the part number 2444241 and the words Made in USA stamped on the side of it. The Essex coil was used in a good majority of vehicles produced from 1966 to 1971. The other coil that was used was known as the “Short Fat Type” and was manufactured by Prestolite. The Prestolite coil has part number 2444242 on the side of it and the words Made in USA on top of the tower and is not currently being reproduced.
Picture of Correct Tower Design
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Picture of Correct Tower Design
Correct Tower Design

The tower is shaped just like the original, and features a fluted style crimp as original.

Picture of Date Code
Date Coded

Coils feature a three digit date code stamped in green. Over 100 date codes are available.

Picture of Part Number
Correct Part Number

Coils are stamped with the correct part number, in the same type style as the original.

Check Out These Outstanding Features

  • Coils are date stamped with the three digit date code as original.
  • Over 100 date codes are available to ensure the closest possible match to vehicle.
  • Part Numbers are stamped in Green ink in the same type style as the original.
  • Features the correct shaped canister and tower design with fluted style crimp.
  • Heavy duty primary and secondary windings ensure outstanding performance.
  • Includes correct nuts and washers.
  • Custom date codes are also available.

Selecting the Correct Date Code

The date code that is stamped on the coil is easy to decode. The first two digits of the date code stamped on the coil indicate the week the coil was manufactured, and the last digit of the date code indicates the year the coil was manufactured. Using a date code of 078 as an example, the 07 would indicate the coil was made during the 7th week of the year and the 8 would indicate it was made in 1968.

If you are fortunate enough to have your original coil simply look to see if the date code is still visible and simply pick the matching date (or one that is as close as possible) from our list of available date codes.

If you do not have an original coil to match from the process is a little more complicated, but not difficult. In most cases, all you need to do is subtract 1 to 4 weeks from the build date of your vehicle to determine an approximate date code for the coil. Here’s an example:

Year of Vehicle: 1968
Build Date of Vehicle: Mar 1968

A vehicle built in March would have been built sometime between 9th. and 12th. weeks of the year, lets just assume it was built during the 10th week. The coil that was installed in the vehicle would have been manufactured anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks before that. Based on this example you would choose a date code of 078 from our catalog.

Keep in mind that there is absolutely no way for anyone to know exactly what date code was used in a given vehicle (unless you are fortunate enough to have the original coil). If you are not lucky enough to have your original, then all one can do is approximate by ordering a coil that is date coded 1 to 4 weeks prior to the build date of the vehicle (with some exceptions).

You may have noticed that we allude to the fact that there are some exceptions to determining proper date codes. Some special vehicles (i.e. limited production) and HEMI equipped vehicles may have been equipped with a date code that was dated more than 4 weeks prior to the production date of the vehicle. If you believe you have one of these special vehicles or a HEMI equipped vehicle (and the proper date code is imperative to your restoration) you will want to call and speak with Frank Badalson at Auto Restoration Parts (804) 275-2155. For a small fee Frank will get the details about the car and determine the proper date code that is necessary for the restoration to be correct.

Frequently Asked Questions

Determining the build date of some Chryslers can be a very complicated process and one that we don’t have room here to cover. Please call Frank Badalson at Auto Restoration Parts (804) 275-2155 if you need to find out a vehicles build date. For a small fee Frank will get the details about the car, let you know a probable build date and determine the proper date coded coil you need. As an alternative, there are books published on build dates and VIN identification that you can order from Year One, Inc. at (800) 950-9503 or from their website

Yes, but only when applicable. All coils prior to date code 018 have “CH412” stamped on them. You’ll find a note in our catalog descriptions indicating “CH412” on any coil that features the additional “CH412” lettering/stamping.

Vehicle production for a given year was normally August 1st. to July 31st.

Essex, Chryslers original coil supplier made coils every week of the production year and the coils were stamped accordingly with 52 date code combinations per year. We have chosen to consolidate the date code stamps to every three weeks in order to keep this project economically viable. We can stamp any “custom” date you require, but a 10 piece minimum order per date code would be required.