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Chrysler Wiring Harnesses

Picture of Chrysler Dash Harness
Exact Reproduction Wiring Harnesses for Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth Muscle Cars

M&H Electric Fabricators manufactures concours quality replacement wiring harnesses for Chrysler Muscle Cars. Our complete line of reproduction wiring harnesses for 1964-'74 Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth Muscle Cars is available exclusively through Year One Inc. These beautifully made M&H harnesses are the plug and go choice for the amateur and professional restorer interested in the finest quality available. All harnesses are manufactured to strict OEM specifications and are identical in length, wire gauge and color, making them perfect in every detail. Original style connectors, terminals and sockets are featured on every wire end, again just as the originals. Additionally, every harness, regardless of model, is wrapped with the correct style wrapping material such as nonadhesive vinyl tape, cloth tape, cloth braid, plastic conduit or asphalt coated loom, to ensure a 100% factory appearance. If you want the best for your Mopar, insist on an M&H harness.

Distributed Exclusively by Year One Inc.
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Comparison of an M&H Harness vs. Our Competitors

Competitors Harness
Picture of Chrysler Dash Harness

Missing connector, customer must re-use their original part.

Picture of Chrysler Dash Harness

Wrong 2 piece connectors, not original.

Picture of Chrysler Dash Harness

Wrong molded insulators, without seal ridges.

Picture of Chrysler Dash Harness

Replacement style connector, not original.

M&H Harness
Picture of Chrysler Dash Harness

Correct connector already installed, ready for installation.

Picture of Chrysler Dash Harness

Correct 1 piece, 4-way connector.

Picture of Chrysler Dash Harness

Correct molded insulators, with seal ridges.

Picture of Chrysler Dash Harness

Correct replica of the original connector.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we do not sell any of our Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth wiring harnesses direct; they must be ordered from our exclusive distributor Year One Inc.

Chrysler wiring harnesss descriptions, online product listings and printed catalogs are provided for informational/reference purposes only.

We offer free technical support for all of our Chrysler wiring harnesses. You are welcome to contact us directly if you have any technical questions, regardless of whether you have already purchased one of our products or are considering doing so in the future.

It's worth noting here that Chrysler Coils may be purchased directly from us or through Year One Inc.

Year One has been granted an exclusive distributorship on Chrysler wiring harnesses. This particular product line is a joint venture between the two companies; where Year One has invested into making all of the necessary tooling and M&H manufactures the harnesses exclusively for them.

Our Chrysler harnesses are a perfect match to the originals; from the braiding to the connectors they are 100% correct. Ask the other guys if they can make that same statement and the answer will be no. Other Chrysler harnesses on the market use generic connectors and terminals or require that you re-use connectors from the original harness. Keep in mind that Chrysler Muscle Cars are most valuable when they are restored correctly, so think twice before trying to save a few dollars on an inferior product.

Yes, it will have the protective cloth braiding as original (as long as that was what the harness was originally called out to have by Chrysler). Note that many models of Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth Rear Lamp Harnesses were covered in protective cloth braiding; but there were some models that used Fabric/Friction Tape, or Non-Adhesive Vinyl Tape. Rest assured that we will use what is correct for your Year and Model.

Picture of Wiring Harness Part #: 38296
Picture of Wiring Harness Part #: 33545
Picture of Wiring Harness Part #: 33935